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0.64mm Diecutting Multi-purpose Acrylic Foam Tape 3M 4936

Basic Information

Material: :Multi-purpose Acrylic Foam
Thickness: :0.64mm
Width: :610mm
Length: :33m

3M 4936 is a conformable, very high bond acrylic foam tape which has added performance for bonding to plasticized vinyl due to a specially formulated adhesive which resists plasticizer migration. In addition this core adhesive composition makes the product well suited to many paints and primers.

This product has been found to be particularly suitable for bonding wooden (primed), aluminum (anodized) and PVC Georgian glazing bars (mounting bars) to glazing units. The plasticizer resistant adhesive also allows for successful bonding of flexible PVC Glazing bars.

The conformable nature of the acrylic foam core allows for good 'wetting out' of the adhesive to the glass surface thus providing good adhesive to surface contact. Also, good contact eliminates unsightly air bubbles. Primers might be appropriate when bonding such systems.

VHB 4936 tape has also been found excellent when bonding to relatively irregular surfaces such as grained wood. (Care must be taken to provide a good unified surface through priming.)

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